Customized Cuckold Coaching

Exploring a cuckold relationship can be challenging for both the potential cuckold and his wife – that’s where Cuckold Coaching comes in.

In many cases, the wife has difficulty understanding the fantasy and why her husband would ever want it, let alone get turned on by it. There can be feelings of confusion, anger, and shock as she wrestles with her husband’s fantasy and her own personal beliefs and desires.


It is often even more difficult for the would-be cuckold. Many men are confused and bewildered by their desire to watch their wife have sex with someone else.  They don’t understand where the fantasy comes from or why it turns them on.

Additionally, most cuckolds experience a range of challenging emotions, such as jealousy, shame, inadequacy, and fear. Learning to reconcile the cuckold fantasy and the accompanying emotions can be extremely difficult.

What Problems Do Male Clients Face?

  • How to come to terms with their desire
  • How to talk to their wife about their fantasy
  • How to manage challenging emotions
  • Deciding whether to engage in cuckolding or not
  • Minimizing risk in the cuckold lifestyle
  • ….and many others

What Problems Do Female Clients Face?

  • Trying to understand their husband
  • Coming to terms with his fantasy
  • Whether to engage in the cuckold fantasy or not
  • How to say “no” without ruining the marriage
  • How to say “no” but still fulfill his desire
  • Mitigating risk
  • ….and much more

Why Do I Need Coaching?

Truthfully, not everyone does. If you are experiencing ongoing anxiety, stress, and worry you may need professional assistance to get through it. Therapists are great, but without a background in the cuckold lifestyle, it will be nearly impossible for them to understand your situation and advise you appropriately.

If you are experiencing any of the following, coaching is an effective option:

  • Feelings of shame, low self-esteem, and jealousy that are impacting your life or relationship
  • A challenging situation with no apparent way to resolve it
  • A desire to enter into a cuckold relationship safely and successfully
  • Difficulty talking to your wife or convincing her to cuckold you
  • Discomfort about your husband’s fantasy and what it means for your relationship
  • Issues of broken trust, lying, or cheating
  • …and anything else that you desire assistance with.

How Does Coaching Work?

Cuckold coaching is customized to your unique personality and relationship needs.

We meet for one hour every week via video chat or phone.  In-person sessions are available for anyone living in the Portland, Oregon area.

We’ll take your goals and desires and establish milestones and timelines in which to meet them. Every week we discuss your progress, what might be helping or hindering you, and then develop a mutual plan of action for the following week.

Through this process, we will achieve your desires and meet your relationship goals.

What Does it Cost?

Cuckold coaching comes in monthly packages, which equates to 4 sessions. Packages can be renewed as many times as you would like.

Monthly coaching packages are $497. To put that amount into perspective, the national average for coaching fees equates to almost $200/hour. Cuckold Coaching comes out at approximately $125/hour.

You can cancel at any time and your refund will be prorated for the remaining days in the month,.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have questions about coaching that you would like to discuss before purchasing a package, please contact me.

After you complete check-out, I will send you a client information form so that I can begin to understand you and your situation.  After you submit the information form, I will contact you within 48 hours to set up our initial consultation call (this is free and does not count as one of your sessions).

During that call, you and I will establish the particulars of our coaching relationship.

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