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Cuckold History

Cuckolds have existed throughout history

Part I: Cuckold History: A Look at the Symbology of Cuckoldry

Cuckold history plays a major role in how society views and treats cuckolds today. We launch our journey into the history of cuckoldry by examining the symbology, terminology, and meaning of the most common elements found in modern cuckold relationships. Discover why the horns are the cuckold’s symbol, why the wife’s lover is called a bull, and the back story behind the expression of modern cuckoldry.

Part 2: The History of Cuckoldry: Sexuality

Our exploration of cuckold history continues. We’re going to take a look at the history and development of monogamy throughout the ages and how it came to be the dominant relationship structure.  This will set the stage for how the world looks at cuckolds and why so many people still fear them. Jump into the history of cuckoldry and discover the roots of this novel relationship structure, which is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Part 3: Cuckold History: Female Sexuality

Our journey into cuckold history continues. We prepare to explore the role of female sexuality throughout history and how it has ebbed and flowed in terms of healthy expression and unhealthy suppression. The history of cuckoldry will reveal why this unique relationship structure offers women a clear path to sexual liberation and the promise of a better sex life.

Part 4: The History of Cuckoldry; Non-Monogamy

As we wrap up the history of cuckoldry, we’ll examine the different expressions of non-monogamy that have developed over time and how cuckoldry dramatically differs from every other option.  Cuckold history will reveal why each of these paths developed and what they look like today. Looking for a deeper dive into the history of cuckolding? Then check out “Insatiable Wives” by Dr. David Ley, Ph.D. It chronicles the history and development of cuckoldry and wifesharing from the roots of ancient history into the modern era. You can also view our exclusive interview with Dr. Ley here.

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