The 4 Stages Women Go Through

Cuckolding Progression in Women

video-player-iconAlright, so you’re totally obsessed with watching her fuck another guy, but you still need to convince her that it’s a good idea. Part of the journey entails being aware of the 4 stages of cuckolding progression that she will go through after you bring it up.

We’re to going to cover each of the 4 stages of cuckolding progression and what you need to be aware of in each of them.

It’s also worth noting that women rarely progress from one step to the next in a linear fashion. In other words, women are very circular in their thinking and approach. They like to go over things from several different angles and often several different times. 


The difference between male and female communication

Stage 1: “What the hell are you talking about?”


Women in stage 1 have no desire to cuckold you. In fact, the vast majority of women have no idea what cuckolding even is! This stage represents the status quo, or the baseline state of your relationship….and you’re about to rock the boat.

You want to move her from a state of unawareness to a state of awareness without totally freaking her out. This is the stage where you have “the conversation” and you let her know that cuckolding interests you. 

You’re planting a seed that will slowly grow through her cuckolding progression over the next 3 stages.

We’ll cover exactly what to say and how to say it when you bring it up in another module.

Stage 2: “Fuck You”


As you may have guessed by the title, this is a very fun stage…..or not 🙁

This is the contemplation stage of cuckolding progression where she mulls over everything you told her.

No sweat, right?


All women have 10 major questions once you bring up the cuckold fantasy. These questions are absolutely CRITICAL. If you can’t answer them, she can’t understand you, and if she can’t understand you, she will NEVER agree to cuckold you….

Here are the 10 questions you must be able to answer to her satisfaction (we’ll cover exactly what to say in another lesson).

#1: “Why the hell do you want me to do this?”

#2: “Why does it turn you on to see me fuck another guy?”

#3: “Don’t you desire me anymore?”

#4: “Is this an excuse for you to fuck other women?”

#5: “Will you still respect me if I do this?”

#6: “Will this ruin our marriage?”

#7: “How do you know you won’t freak out when it really happens?”

#8: “What do we do if I get attached?”

#9: “What happens if I don’t want anything to do with this at all?”

#10: “Will I be a “slut” if I do this?”

You don’t want to be caught off-guard in this stage because she’s usually feeling confused, uncomfortable, and even scared, which means you need to be her rock. 

This is where she’s evaluating the pros and the cons, the consequences and the benefits. This is the stage where you have the most influence so you really need to be on your game.

How you handle and answer her 10 questions often determines whether she goes on to Stage 3 or tells you to stuff your fantasy up your ass.

Stage 3: “What if….”


Ok, so if she makes to Stage 3, you did your homework or you’re a lucky bastard. 

In this stage of cuckolding progression, she’s accepted your fantasy, but hasn’t necessarily agreed to it. This is where she’ll spend a lot of time thinking about what things might look like or how it will affect your marriage. 

This is a delicate stage and one in which you don’t want to be pushing your fantasy at all. She’ll need to know that you care more about her and your marriage than your fantasy.

She’ll also be looking for evidence that you can actually handle it and that it won’t blow up in her face. And that’s a tough one because the reality of watching your wife get nailed by Señor Kong Dong is very different than fantasizing about it. 

So if you want to be sure, you can direct her to the Teaser Test – an assessment guaranteed to reveal exactly how you’ll respond. 

Stage 4: “Buckle Up”


You’re in like Flynn.

At this stage, she’s decided that it’s safe enough and hot enough to give it a whirl. This is the most sexy, and most dangerous, level of cuckolding progression. 

Think you’re done?

Not even close….

You were walking in fields of lilies before. Now you’re in a mine field and it’s time to protect your ass.

There are sooo many things that can go wrong: 

  • She could leave you for him….
  • She could love his cock so much, that she just forgets about yours……

This is where boundaries and action plans become super important.

Engaging in cuckoldry without them is like going to war naked. We’ll cover how to protect yourself and your relationship in another module.

Her first encounter will set the tone for whether or not she wants to continue so try to ensure that’s it’s a good experience. 

Ben Steel Founder of Cuckold Relationship