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Real Cuckold Couples Today

In November, 2016, The Independent published an article on the unprecedented rise in the number of real cuckold couples and men sexually aroused by “wife-sharing.”

“The cause of the rise isn’t clear, but psychologists have suggested everything from repressed male bisexuality to men being proud of their wives’ liberated sexuality.”

I find it fascinating that so little research has been conducted around the wifesharing fantasy, especially when the number of real cuckolds is increasing with such speed..

Dr. David Ley stated that, “If pressed, I might estimate that perhaps 10-20% of men might fantasize about wife-sharing in one form or another, but that only around 2% might ever really try to make it a reality.”


Considering that there are 120 million men in the US in 2017, that means that 24 million men (20%) get excited about the idea of watching their wife have orgasmic sex with another man. That equates to a whole lot of real cuckolds and, depending on the wife’s disposition, a lot of real cuckold couples as well

Cuckoldry is on the rise and is one of the most common male sexual fantasies

Are Real Cuckolds Going Mainstream?

When 20% of a population shares an interest in something, I think we can safely say that cuckoldry is beginning to enter the mainstream consciousness, although it remains a taboo subject for many.

If you’re curious about the current theories on the reasons for cuckoldry and want to learn more, you can watch our video presentation here.

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you wondered when you read the title is just how many men turn out to be real cuckolds versus just having the fantasy? I’ve been trying to get an accurate assessment for years without any success.

So what criteria are The Independent, and other popular magazines such as Playboy, using to determine the huge increase in the number of real cuckold couples?

Here’s what The Independent had to say:

“Online communities dedicated to the topic are booming, with Google searches for the fetish peaking this week, having more than doubled in the past 12 years.”

Now that I believe. The number of sites dedicated to cuckolding is booming. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these sites are either dating scams, forums, or amateur attempts at providing some very basic information for a real cuckold couples.

If you’re interested in a few of the more reputable sites for real cuckolds, I suggest checking out, the community on Reddit, and Cuckold Relationship. This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but it does represent the top 3 current websites in my opinion.

In our exclusive interview with Dr. David Ley, Ph.D, the author of Insatiable Wives, he stated:

“…these numbers are changing. Around 20% of people may experience a consensually non-monogamous relationship in their lifetime, suggests recent research. 45% of millennial’s don’t view monogamy as a necessity. So, the acceptability of these non-monogamous relationship approaches is increasing, changing the likelihood that men and women might be willing to explore fantasies of wife-sharing with each other, and potentially enact them in life.”

So perhaps society is beginning to loosen up, to embrace a more liberal approach to sexuality, and to accept that we are ALL closet freaks.

Everyone is secretly a “closet freak” when it comes to sexuality

Even Joe Rogan is talking about the way that some men are beginning to use the word “cuckold” as a new insult.  While I don’t care for the trend (assholes will be assholes), it does say something that the word itself is beginning to acquire widespread usage.

So what’s up with the rapid increase in such a socially taboo fantasy and the number of real cuckolds?

Here’s what Dr. Ley told Psychology Today:

“It’s essential to grasp that what might be humiliating about imagining one’s wife having sex with another male is, in its idealized formulation, transformed into something not humiliating at all but engrossingly erotic.”

Ley also explained that for some men, it’s a turn-on to see their partner being turned-on:

“When an otherwise well-controlled heterosexual male dares to visually create his wife’s violating her marital vows, and possibly his even encouraging her to do so, he’s playing a vital role in what we might call a ‘double transgression’ of society’s norms. Voluntarily fantasizing himself as a cuckold, yet fully in charge of his cuckoldry, his ‘forbidden fantasies’ may be particularly gratifying.”

What he is referencing here is the elusive Psychology of Cuckoldry. In other words, to really understand the full impact of the cuckold fantasy, we also have to look at WHY it turns men on so much.

Not even Dr. Ley has come up with any research-based answers to this question. And although it may be somewhat audacious, we’ve put together our own thoughts on the psychology of cuckoldry after working with so many real cuckold couples. You can check out that video presentation here.

Perhaps the biggest concern I have over the massive increase in the number of potential real cuckholds, is the fact that there is almost nowhere to go for reliable information and practical advice.

The three sites I mentioned earlier are a great place to start, or rather, they are the only place to start at the moment. So if you’re one of the 24 million men with the cuckold fantasy, I highly advise checking them out and coming on over to

Our community needs more resources and support.  We desperately need scientific investigations and research into cuckoldry to help guide our educational efforts. I can only hope that the future brings them to us.

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