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The Sissy Cuckold

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I’ve received a ton of requests to dive into this topic, so let’s take a closer look at the sissy cuckold; however, first…..

Recall that cuckolding exists on a spectrum between two extreme ends: the alpha cuckold on one end and the masochistic cuckold on the other.

Sissy cuckolds fall at the masochistic end of the spectrum.

The alpha cuckold does NOT like any form of humiliation or degradation and may or may not tolerate being dominated by his wife. The masochistic cuckold, on the other hand, is extremely obedient and enjoys the mental pain of humiliation and degradation.

Today, we’ll be taking a much closer look at the masochistic cuckold and the best example to illustrate this is Feminization, or Sissification.

A Sissy Cuckold being dominated by his wife

Sissification stands for the process of turning a man into a “sissy cuckold”….or rather a cross-dressing, cum-eating married sissy cuckold slave who lives to serve his wife’s every desire.

The majority of these activities take place within a “female-dominated relationship” (FemDom). FemDom is both its own unique relationship arrangement and a subset of cuckolding in which the woman reigns supreme and her sissy cuckold deeply desires to serve her every whim…

Common Elements of the Sissy Cuckold


Being a married sissy cuckold often involves a component of servitude, such as doing the house chores in a woman’s out in Public as a cross-dressing slave, or other feminizing activities.


Orgasm control through a male chastity device is also common.  The sissy is often “locked up” so that he may not touch himself without his wife’s permission. The power dynamic of a cuckold relationship is intensified with a sissy cuckold.

Other common activities for the sissy cuckold include anal penetration by his wife or the bull, cross-dressing and being called by a woman’s name, forced bisexual activity, and even the consumption of the bull’s ejaculate from his wife’s vagina.

The preceding examples are not absolutes. Most sissy cuckolds engage in all these activities, while some only choose a few.

Remember that this is one of the most extreme versions of cuckolding, representing a minority of the cuckolding community. Even so, there are many men who deeply enjoy being treated like a sissy cuckold slave.

Prevalence of the Sissy Fantasy

While there is no direct data to suggest how many men are drawn to sissification, the rapid rise of the cuckold fetish gives some clue. Combine that with the fact that, of all the popular keywords for the cuckold fetish, “sissy cuckold” has over 8,000 searches a month –  second only to “cuckold fetish” with 9,000.

Imagine this scenario….

Your wife has been cuckolding you for a year and you’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Even so, it seems like something is missing and you can’t put your finger on it. The one thing you know for certain is that the more control you give to your wife, the more turned on you become…..

Soon, you can’t stop thinking about all the different ways you could submit to your wife. You start imagining what it might be like to be forced to dress like a girl and be made to give a blowjob The more you think about it, the more you want to try it….

For some men, sissification is easy…it almost feels like their natural state of being. Other men struggle with it and fear that their wife will lose all respect for them if they admit their desire to become a cuckold sissy.

If you find yourself daydreaming about feminization, then take the indirect approach to find out how she’ll feel about it. In other words, tell her that you came across a depiction of cuckolds being treated like women and that you’re curious what she thinks about it….

If you’re brand new to this style of cuckolding, my advice is to take it slow and give yourself time to adjust. For instance, rather than immediately dressing up like a girl and being forced to suck another man’s dick, try using a chastity device first. See how orgasm control and handing your power over to your wife makes you feel. Does it feel good to be a married sissy cuckold?

From there you can graduate to trying servitude and cross-dressing. Stay here for a while to gauge the long-term effects of how you feel about it and yourself.  You also want to gauge your wife’s reactions and if your relationship is changing in a way that you’re okay with.

If that feels good to you, then go ahead and explore the more extreme aspects of sissification, such as pegging, cum-eating, and blowjobs. Embrace the transformation to cuckold sissy.

Remember, there’s no such thing as “right” or “wrong” when it comes to sex. The ONLY things that matters is how you and your wife feel about it….that’s it.So if sissification appeals to you, embrace it and own your desire. And if this presentation made you want to run away screaming, then becoming a sissy cuckold probably isn’t for you.

That’s the beauty of the cuckoldry spectrum – it’s different strokes for different folks and everyone is having their own party….

If you’re interested in cuckold sissy porn, check out the following page.

Ben Steel Founder of Cuckold Relationship

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