Wifesharing, Hotwifing, and Cuckolding: A Primer on Terminology

Wifesharing, Hotwifing, and Cuckolding:

What's In a Name?

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video-player-iconThere’s a fair bit of confusion over the difference between hot-wifing and cuckolding and for good reason.  At present, there is no governing body or academic work to clearly, and definitively, differentiate between cuckolding and hot-wifing.


Because both terms were more or less adopted by the people who claim those titles in reference to what they do. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to label oneself, although naming conventions do help ensure that, when we do use a term, everyone knows what we are referring to.

I tend to use “wifesharing” as an umbrella term that encapsulates all the different variations in people who like to watch their wives with other men….and it’s more people than you might guess.


Wifesharing is a generic term used to describe anyone who enjoys sexually sharing their wife with someone else.  While not very many people use this term to describe themselves, we can use it as an umbrella term to help understand the different variations within cuckolding.



People who enjoy wifesharing, but don’t have a penchant for humiliation, degradation, or submission identify as hotwife husbands. Hot-wifing is widely used to describe individuals who love to watch their spouse fuck other people, but don’t feel personally inadequate.  In other words, they don’t engage in wife-sharing as a solution to substandard skills as a lover or a micro-penis.

These guys just enjoy watching their wives in action. You won’t see any chastity cages or hear any demeaning remarks from the hotwife or the bull.

If you like the thought of your wife with someone else, but don’t resonate with the cuckolds or sissy’s cuckolds, you might be a hotwife husband.


One of the ways to distinguish the different categories of wife-sharing is the inclusion or absence of humiliation. So what exactly do I mean by humiliation?

It varies from person to person, but there are some general characteristics:

  • The wife verbally reminds her husband of his inadequacy as a lover
  • She frequently compares his substandard sexual skills to the superior skills of the bull (the other guy she’s sleeping with).
  • The use of chastity devices and sexual denial
  • Comments about the small size of the husband’s dick, especially compared to the bull.
  • Being forced to watch when you don’t want to know
  • Being made to serve or assist the wife and the bull during sexual activity
  • There are many more, but this is a good start

Sissy Cuckolding

Sissys are cuckolds who enjoy feminization, or being dressed up and treated like a woman.  This isn’t cross-dressing. This is a man who gets off on exploiting his feelings of being inadequate, non-masculine, and “feminine.”

Sissy cuckolds enjoy humiliation even more than your standard cuckold. They love to be dominated and forced to do whatever their mistress desires.

Here are a few of the more common activities of the sissy:

  • Being dressed up like a woman
  • Being called a woman’s name (Stephen becoming Stephanie)
  • Forced bisexual activity
  • Anal penetration (pegging)
  • Servitude (house chores, etc).
  • Chastity and sex denial

A Cuck By Any Other Name

In the end, these are just arbitrary labels that attempt to categorize and define some aspects of human behavior. Sometimes they work well and people agree on its usage. At other times, people can be sharply divided over what term to use and what it means.

Fuck it.  They’re just labels – words we use to try and describe something. Labels aren’t people.

So while the hierarchy helps us understand the different types of behavior in wifesharing scenarios, it can never truly completely encapsulate or define the people who participate in it.

Bottom Line?

Adopt whatever naming convention suits you best and try not to hold it too rigidly. People will always have differing opinions, but in the end, only one thing matters – how you feel about what you do and who you are.

Ben Steel Founder of Cuckold Relationship